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  • Threshold to Yesteryear

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  • Swiftcurrent Lake – Glacier

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    Clouds at Many Glacier at Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana in the late afternoon during a 5 minute exposure.

  • On Parade

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    The winner of the People’s Choice Award at the 2016 Art for Horses Museum Show in Parker, Colorado, this was photographed at the 97th annual Crow Fair in Montana. The event is one of the largest pow-wows in the U.S. It is hosted by the Crow Nation and includes numerous Indian tribes.

    I photographed this paint horse in full color during one of the many parades. In my digital darkroom I converted it to black & white and then I allowed some of the original color in the beadwork to shine through.

  • Waiting for Spring

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    Just when you think Spring is in full force, a late April snowfall hit this part of Montana.

    At first, the bison were still foraging for food, using their heads to push through the snow to the grass just below it. But once the wind kicked up, it was time to take a break with their backs to the wind while waiting it out.

    When I photographed this, there wasn’t much color to begin with which made it an obvious choice for a black and white photo. And adding a slight blue tint to the image helped me convey the feeling I had for this hardy bison while it was Waiting for Spring.

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